The Whole Family’s Going Green! {April Giveaway}

Diva Diapers April 2014 Giveaway

 Cloth diapering has become a gateway for many families to change to a more natural and green lifestyle.  What may have started as an affordable way to diaper their children, has changed into an overall desire to reduce their family’s waste.  After reducing, families are turning towards organic products and natural cleaners.  Diva Diapers offers all of these things to help everyone in your family be GREEN too.

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Are WAHM Covers Saving Me Money?

I was folding my stash this weekend and I came across a cover I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a WAHM cover that we received December, 2011.  It had an adorable print and I remember it being super cute on my little guy; now it was full of holes!  That’s right, it is almost ready to be tossed.  This cover that was often washed separately and hung to dry is on it’s last leg after a little more than two short years.


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Lice Matters…

As a child I always had long hair that was seldom pulled back.  I think I had headlice more than the average child as a result of my hair length.  When my children were little they were around children who attended public school very often because of family functions and gatherings.  For several months we had a bi-weekly battle of headlice in our homes!  It was horrible!  Once we learned about natural prevention products, our lice battles ended and I was thrilled.

Lice Prevention Products at

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Earn a few bucks!

Hello, everyone! I know some of you are doing well and for others, times are tough! Either way, I know we can all use a few extra bucks! That’s why we just wanted to remind you about our affiliate program. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash or Diva Diaper dollars while promoting Diva Diapers! To see how you can take advantage of this great opportunity just visit our affiliates page.




5 Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers!

I cloth diapered while camping in a tent

for four months this past Spring/Summer…

While I agree, tent camping while cloth diapering would be a frightful idea to many moms, it wasn’t as difficult as one would think.  NOT having to factor in the cost of using sposies during the time really helped keep our budget down.  Two babies in sposies for four months would have cost well over $700!  My laundering fees during those months were less than $200…

Cloth diapering still offers great savings – even when you are not at home!

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Cradle Cap: Hands-on or Hands-off?

Each of my five children had cradle cap as a baby. Two of my little cuties had the condition well into their toddler years.  My best advice – don’t panic.  It is okay!

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Accidental Flushings?

I flushed a diaper!

As I was dunking and swishing this afternoon it hit me:

“Has anyone ever accidentally flushed a diaper before?”

And, like all great ideas that come to me about cloth diapering, I took this question to Diva Diapers’ Facebook Page

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Worst Wash Load… Ever!

After three+ years of cloth diapering, I finally had a load of diapers that beat me! I almost tossed them – nope, not kidding! If I could afford to toss half my stash and start over – I would have!

After the cold wash, hot wash, and final rinse… the diapers looked no different than they had when I put them in the machine!  So, I did it again, this time adding a little vinegar to the mix…after all three washes… the same!  THE SAME!  So, here I was staring at a load of diapers that had been washed six times and still looked like I just pulled them out of the wet pail!  How, oh how, did that happen?  Prefolds

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Cloth Diapering a Newborn, Yes it can be done!

If you’re expecting any time soon and curious about whether or not you can use cloth diapers for your newborn you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind that the average newborn eliminates up to 12 times a day; at least every two hours. Most infants dirty their diaper during or after a feeding. Due to the frequency of diaper changes, you should purchase 24 newborn diapers. It’s wise to have an assortment for your newborn stash filled with both sized and one size options.

We’ll go over the different newborn diapers offered at Diva Diapers so you can make an educated purchase.

The Prefold – Yes, the prefold is one of the old school ways of cloth diapering but its pretty fool proof as a newborn diaper as well as economical. A newborn does not wiggle or squirm as much as an older baby or toddler so it’s easier to get the fold nice and snug. You also don’t have to be a diapering whiz to use a prefold. There are simple folds you can do and you can also fold the cloth into thirds and then place it in a cover. If you do prefold you should purchase the following:  DivaDiapers prefold options – The DSQ natural or bleached Chinese prefolds in Premie or Infant, Knickernappies’ Indian prefolds, Hemp Babies Little Weeds or Thirsties Duo Hemp prefolds.

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Five Great Newborn Diapers!

 After the initial, “How do I cloth diaper” question, normally comes, “what do I use on a newborn?”  I know many moms would rather stock up on duo or one-size options, however, you should really consider diapers that take the new baby’s tiny size into consideration.


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